Gulf Atlantic Surgical, LLC.


Gulf Atlantic Surgical, LLC.

Our Leadership

Bobby Windham, President, has over 35 years of experience in the medical device industry.  He previously served in various senior sales management positions and product development and design roles at Smith & Nephew, ORATEC Interventions, Inc., and Arthrex Inc. before founding Gulf Atlantic Surgical, LLC in 2009.  Orthopedic device manufacturers and physicians and healthcare facilities rely on his extensive knowledge of orthopedic product development and implementation, sales and marketing, cost/benefit analyses and surgical techniques.

Andrew Windham, Director of Sales, is a graduate of Berry College in Rome, Georgia, and is an experienced sales representative, having set sales records for various orthopedic manufacturers across a broad sector of hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers in Georgia.  In addition to covering surgical cases, he is newly responsible for the direction of sales forecasting and sales programs at Gulf Atlantic Surgical.  

Our Approach to Products

We selectively represent market-leading, cutting-edge medical device companies with advanced technologies.  Our aim is to deliver a wide range of quality products and solutions that drive institutional efficiencies and improve surgeon and patient satisfaction. 

Our Sales and Service Philosophy

Our dual ambition is to provide our manufacturers with a driven, topnotch sales team, while simultaneously delivering responsiveness, dependability and expertise to our physician and healthcare customers.

Our team of experienced independent sales representatives work closely with our manufacturers to develop maximum understanding of products, markets and business applications in their quest to exceed sales expectations.

Our team offers unrivaled service and support to every link in the healthcare chain, from physician to OR nurse to sterile processing staff, and from CFO to billing clerk.  We pride ourselves on maintaining long-term relationships with our customers, enabling fluidity, consistency and efficiency for their businesses.